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The one thing that workaholics would want to avoid is burnout. In fact, it can to a large extend, affect you mentally and physically causing you untold exhaustion, anxiety and even depression. Not only that, burnout can further lead to even more serious health issues such as strokes or even heart attacks.

Workaholic BurnoutWorkaholic BurnoutSo, to prevent burnout from setting in, it's important to recognize the warning signs of an impending burnout so that you can stop it before it actually starts. You'll be glad to know that even making some simple lifestyle changes may help you prevent burnout in toto.

Workaholic Burnout

8 Tips to avoid burnout:

1. Don't overload your workload. Don't fall into the trap of taking on too much work without realizing that there's only so much you could accomplish at a certain time. If you continue to pile yourself with work without taking any break, chances are, you're certain of heading burnout's way. However, there're two things you could do when it comes to reviewing your workload as below:

i) Practice good time management techniques to get more work done in lesser time.

ii) Cut down the taking of more work that you can possibly handle to reduce your workload. This may not reflect well on you from your employer's perspective, but it's important for you to avoid burnout.

2. Avoid mental exhaustion. When you understand how far your mind can go, you'll be able to know when your mind is about to reach a point of mental exhaustion. The moment you begin to have this feeling, slow down your pace immediately or refocus yourself on non-work related matter. Following which, you can take a short break and go for a short trip or you can just stay at home doing absolutely nothing. The key is to get away from your work that is causing you the mental exhaustion. You'll need to remember to switch off or leave your cell phone behind while you're away from your work.

3. Making that major change. If you keep sensing a point where you're about to burnout, then it's high time to make a major career change. For instance, you may be holding on to a job that is repeatedly bringing you to a point of burnout even though you've tried your level best in avoiding it. Based on this, you should perhaps start to look for another job that's more suited to you.

4. Take short breaks. You need breaks to rejuvenate and to refresh your mind. Have a cup of tea or coffee, walk around your workstation or just close your eyes and rest your mind for 10 minutes. In other words, just take a 10-minute power nap if you've to.

5. Seek help. If you're find difficulties in coping with a task, be upfront and talk to your immediate boss about it and ask him or her to provide you help. If granted, this will sure to cut down your stress level.

6. Learn to say 'no'. There is a distinction between someone who is obliging and someone who agrees to just anything. If you're one person always say 'yes' to what is before you, it's quite possible that someone will take advantage of you at one point or another. You must be aware that saying 'no' at times can be to your best advantage. For one, you'll be able to avoid taking on unnecessary or extra stress!

7. Get your priority right. Before you set out to do your handful of the different tasks, make a list and arrange them in order of priority with the most urgent at the top and the least urgent at the bottom. This way, you'll also know if you've taken more work than you can handle. If this is the case, consider delegating the less urgent tasks to someone else to help complete for you.

8. Take time to vent off frustration. If your emotion is approaching a stage of being frustrated, take a few deep breaths or go walk about to vent off your frustration. Alternatively, you can vent it off to a close colleague or a close friend and after that, you'll feel much better about the situation. Beware of pent-up frustration, as it's likely to lead to mental burnout.

There you've it, the 8 tips you can follow to not only nib burnout at its 'bud' but also help you strike a balance between your work and your personnel life. Take action right now, and you'll soon find your life free from the pressure of burnout!

Singapore is known for their strict gambling laws. An internet search will show results that discuss the strict gambling laws of Singapore, but they heavily insinuate that gambling is taboo in Singapore, or that there are not a lot of legal gambling options. That just isn't true.

There are gambling laws in Singapore, just like everywhere else. That doesn't mean that people in Singapore don't have fun though. Gambling is still very much alive, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the latest ways to gamble that don't involve back alley book keepers or hiding in someone's basement. Check out these ways that Singapore residents enjoy gambling.


The toto is one of the oldest forms of the lottery in Singapore. The toto was established in 1968 to help control illegal gambling, but the result was that it was so popular that it is still around today. Every night there is a drawing, there are thousands of people watching the drawing to see if they got lucky.

To play this lottery, players pick six numbers between 1 and 49. Then, there is a drawing, and players can win various prizes depending on the results.

Websites that specialise in Singapore gambling usually offer the latest Toto results so that residents can see whether they won as soon as the numbers are picked. They don't even have to have a television to see the latest results. Most of these websites are mobile friendly, making it easy for everyone to play the latest Toto.


Those that do not feel 배트맨토토 comfortable betting online or setting up an account with a live casino usually enjoy frequenting one of the two large casinos in Singapore. These are both legal, and full of the latest gambling games.

A study in 2014 revealed that Singapore residents are the second biggest gamblers across the world. With a population that loves to gamble, it makes sense that Singapore would want to have a nice casino or two for their residents to enjoy. These are extremely popular on the weekends.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the second most popular form of gambling in Singapore. Websites that allow sports betting online are the most popular among Singapore residents. They usually offer the latest results, streaming, forums for those that need help, and the opportunity to bet on various sports at the same time.

There are also plenty of opportunities to bet on sports in person, and some people choose to place smaller bets with a few close friends while they watch the game.

Horse Racing

Some people consider this the same as sports betting, and the two are very similar. Both horse racing and sports involve betting on one person or team to win, and those that enjoy betting on these can usually bet on both on the same website.

Betting on horse racing is as popular as betting on sport sin Singapore, and is another way to gamble legally in this country.

Singapore has made headlines for a few different things when it comes to gambling. Singapore is known for having residents that enjoy gambling as a recreational activity. It is also known for having strict gambling laws, and for the crackdowns on illegal gambling rings.

What most people do not realise is that Singapore offers plenty of legal ways for their residents to enjoy gambling, from the still popular Toto to sports betting and casinos. They have many of the same options that the rest of the world does.

Singapore residents are usually fans of these popular ways to gamble, and, if they aren't, it's never too late to learn. Every form of gambling that is popular is now available on a website.